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Alliedstar is thrilled to introduce AS 200E, its flagship wireless intraoral scanner featuring meticulous design, all-day battery life, effortless using experience, and vibrant eco-system. It's the ultimate intraoral scanner for the new and the pro.

Alliedstar wireless intraoral scanner AS 200E

  • Introducing AS 200E, a wireless intraoral scanner that takes a quantum
    leap ahead of its competition. With its meticulous design, all-day
    battery life, unrivaled experience, and vibrant eco-system, it’s the
    ultimate intraoral scanner for the new and the pro.

    Pro Performance

    20 seconds full-arch scanning
    AI-powered enhancement
    Pristine accuracy
    True-to-life color

    Unrivaled Experience

    Compact form factor
    Calibration free
    Duo scan buttons
    Patient Engagement
    Remote Control

    Breakthrough Wireless Technology

    First wireless charging scanner
    Ultra-low latency
    Up to 2 hours of continuous scanning
    Sleep mode & instant wake

    Small in size, huge in potential

    We have found a way to put all the cutting-edge technologies into an incredibly small form factor that is one of the smallest, lightest wireless intraoral scanners on the market.

    The pen-grip-styled scanner is comfortably into the dentist’s hand and minimizes fatigue in prolonged procedures.

    Model weight: 245 g

    Duo Scan Buttons

    Two scan buttons were strategically placed on both sides of the device. So when it’s time to switch, you can easily rotate the device and press with your usual anger to continue scanning. No need to remember button positions or reassemble the tip.

    Calibration Free

    AS 200E is calibration-free, eliminating the need for expensive calibration tools and avoiding interrupting your routine. We have achieved this incredible goal by redesigning the whole process and keeping the integrity of components throughout the service life.
    So it’s ready for precision scanning the moment you take it out of the box, and anytime in the future.

    Remote Control

    Enjoy a seamless experience and more hygienic work from start to
    finish without having to touch the computer. You can review a finished model, scale, pan, and rotate in any direction, access
    the menu, and more options simply by moving the scanner, thanks to the built-in advanced motion sensor.

    Pristine Accuracy

    The combination of cutting-edge image sensors and proprietary
    processing pipelines achieves 20μm accuracy in full arch scanning.

    True-tone colors

    Highly advanced algorithms capture and recreate true-to-life colors.

    Scan Speed

    Freedom in wireless movement doesn’t mean a compromise in performance and speed. AS 200E is the fastest device we’ve
    designed to date. You can finish a full-arch scanning in 20
    seconds and have an incredibly responsive image feed throughout the process, even better than traditional wired scanners on
    the market.

    20 seconds - Full-arch scan

    60 seconds - Archs and bite

    Al-powered Enhancement

    Off-line machine learning algorithms speed up your scanning process and build models with better accuracy.

    Patient Engagement

    Use this powerful tool to engage with your patients. Track their records throughout your practice, show treatment options
    and prospects, grow your business with new opportunities at amazing cost-effectiveness.

    All-day Battery Life

    Up to 2-Hours Continuous Scanning

    The AS 200E is extremely capable and power efficient. A single charge allows up to 2 hours of continuous scanning, or the equivalent of 60 typical cases, so you can use it for a full day without the need to charge.

    60 cases in a single charge

    Wireless charging

    Sleep Mode & Instant Wake

    To complement its immensely efficient energy consumption and extend stand-by time, AS 200E adopts rigorous power management
    strategies. The device goes to sleep in case of idleness and instantly goes back on the minute you need it.

    Spare Battery

    AS 200E ships with spare batteries. When you went through extensive cases and need to change the battery, simply remove the spare battery from the charging station and replace it.













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