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Functionally Gradient Lithium Disilicate CAD/CAM Blocks

Amber Mill Direct is a CAD/CAM-based millable Lithium Disilicate Block.Reinforced aesthetically by its gradated translucency, Amber Mill Direct can fabricate restorations that only require to be polished after milling. The translucency of the block may be adjusted by simply baking the glazed restoration.

Amber® Mill Direct

  • Quick & Easy

    Amber Mill Direct is a Lithium Disilicate-based millable glass ceramic block for dental restorations that usually requires no-crystallization.
    Given the shortened fabrication time, one-day restorations are possible.



    Amber Mill Direct produces restorations with different microstructures
    that generate different strengths in the cervical and incisal regions, thus, reducing wear of the antagonist teeth.


    Amber Mill Direct achieves natural translucency by applying a gradated microstructure,
    from the cervical to incisal/occlusal regions, without additional characterization.

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