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Nano-Crystalline Hybrid Ceramics Block

Amber Mill H is a new type of CAD/CAM block using Nano-Crystalline Ceramics particle.
The combination of Nano-Crystalline Ceramics and Polymer will offer you a distinguished strength, aesthetics and machinability.


Amber® Mill H

  • User Friendly

    Simple, fast and accurate

    With excellent milling properties, Amber Mill H is possible to be machined precisely up to the margin area. You would see less chipping occurrence.
    You can use this material for a wide range of indications such as inlays, onlays, and crowns (up to premolars), it is more convenient for you since you can choose the level of translucency between HT (High Translucency) and LT (Low Translucency).


    Genuine Aesthetics

    Nano-Crystalline ceramic with Polymer

    Amber Mill H has high light transmittance, which enables strong initial bonding during the light-curing of resin cement,
    and improves aesthetics with great fluorescence & opalescence.
    Experience the genuine aesthetics of Amber Mill H with 35% light transmittance.


    Mechanical stability

    Stable strength & reliability

    According to the results of experimental institutes, the biaxial flexural strength of more than 260 MPa and the three-point flexural strength of more than 200 MPa are measured, showing high mechanical property values.
    Also, it was found to have a lower abrasion level than the existing Hybrid products in the tooth brushing abrasion test.

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