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Biocompatible material for Custom Impression Trays.


Take the perfect impression with Asiga DentaTRAY. Asiga DentaTRAY is an accurate, rigid and stable 3D printing material to aid the reproduction of a patient’s anatomy.


Compatible with all types of impression materials, Asiga DentaTRAY provides a precise and fast solution for complex cases.

Asiga DentaTRAY

  • Overview

    • Use for Custom Impression Trays
    • Certified Class I
    • Colour: Turquoise
    • Printer compatibility: 385nm and 405nm 3D printers
    • Manufactured by Asiga under ISO 13485:2016 & EN ISO 13485:2016

    Biocompatible certification: Class I

    Approved regions: FDA, MDR, UKCA, TGA, Health Canada

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