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Tera Harz TC-85 is photopolymer material that be created to overcome the current limitation of thermoforming sheet type aligner and the Tera Harz direct aligner can be 3D printed directly with a 3D printer and that makes more efficient orthodontic treatment and less painful for a patient.

Direct aligner is the orthodontic dental device that is created with new technology for a professional orthodontic expert and a patient.

Clear Aligner TC-85DAC/DAW

  • Property and Advantage

    Dental professional expert can make one-day orthodontic treatment with Tera Harz TC-85DAC and a dental laboratory doesn’t need to spend a huge expense for setting up manufacturing facility. It can produce huge volume of products with minimized facility investment. It can reduce the manufacturing time and increase productivity.

    Dental expert can design direct aligner with 3D software and can control its material strength and elasticity. Therefore, dental expert can use the direct aligner for various orthodontic treatments and can make better orthodontic treatment result.

    Direct aligner is the optimal dental orthodontic treatment device that perfectly match with the characteristic of dental market which need to customize the treatment device for each patient. Since dental expert can design the shape of direct aligner and can control the material strength and elasticity. The dental expert can make a treatment in better way. Tera Harz is the orthodontic treatment device that be developed to overcome the current thermoforming way.

    Tera Harz TC-85 is bio-compatible photopolymer materials and it is already acquired CE, FDA, and KFDA medical device certification. The orthodontic treatment with direct aligner has been already using in various treatment way with dental experts worldwide. There are two colors available as clear and white.

    TC-85DAC (clear) is fully transparent and durability as orthodontic treatment device. TC-85DAW (white) which emphasizes durability and aesthetics. In addition, Graphy Inc, which has the technology of developing its own materials, can also supply customized colors that meet the needs of business partners.

    Color: Clear, White

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