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Design to perform built to last


Paragon Tools uses the most advanced coatings, optimized to give maximum performance with any material, from polymers to CoCr alloys.



Paragon tools dental burs are designed to give the most accurate results in milling. ultra-fine grade WC (0.2 &™ï) state-of-the-art production technology and strict checking ensure accurate results for longer.


Paragon burs for Roland fit to:

5-axis dry milling: DWX-50D, 51D, 52D, 52Di, 52DC, 52DCI, 53Di 

4-axis wet milling: DWX-4W, 42W







Paragon Dental Tools for Roland

  • Maximum performance in polymer machining. Designed with positive shear angle and low-friction coating for optimum chip removal and reduced temperature in the cutting area, resulting in a higher milling speed, better surface finish, and considerably longer lifespan.

    Uses: PMMA, PEEK, Wax, Nanocomposite, PU, PA.


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