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Purpose-Build C-Clamp


The C-Clamp holer enhances the capabilities of your milling machine while providing productivity and very detailed results at up to 90 degrees of axis adjustment and face milling.



Maximum Milling Angle


Mill all materials with maximum performance from -30 to +120 degrees.



Redon GTR

₪245,000.00 Regular Price
₪225,000.00Sale Price
  • Materials Types: Zirconium, PMMA, Wax, Titanium, CoCr, Peek, Alumina, Composite, Fiber, Glass Ceramic

    In your power: 3.7 kW 

    Capacity: 12 Bur 

    Milling Option: Dry Wet 


    Reflect on your style.

    Choose the one that best suits your work environment. Redon GTR is your laboratory's new favorite with 3 different color alternatives.


    Maximum milling angle.

    Did we say pushing the boundaries? Process all materials with maximum performance from -30 to +120 degrees.


    New definition of precision

    Excellent results down to the last detail combined with the speed of 3.7 kW spindle power.


    Details that make a difference.

    Now hold on tight again and take a closer look at the flawless results produced by GTR.


    Faster, more precise.

    Mill all materials ultra-fast and precisely thanks to Digital Servo Motor technology.


    • Monoblock cast body structure.
    • Quick switching between dry and water-cutting systems.
    • With Twin Tool Technology uninterrupted, fast, and precise.


    5-Axis Simultaneous Milling Technology.

    Achieve flawless results on 5 axes with advanced tool path control.


    Automatic tool changing

    Maximum efficiency in all operations with tool measurement sensor at 1µm precision and ATC with 12 tool capacity.


    We are always there for you.

    We offer a 360° solution for all the materials you will need in open system CAM software and dental prosthesis production integrated with Redon.


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