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Sintra Pro

SINTRA PRO/90zr & SINTRA PRO/120zrf are at the forefront of the rapid evolution of sintering zirconia.

Shenpaz Sintra PRO Dental Furnace

SKU: 749145330
  • Technology

    • The visuals – It’s all about accessibility and intuitiveness. The full touch 7” LCD screen is user friendly with a superbly comfortable interface for easy programming.
    • Interactive Graph Screen – Multi-stage program is interactively illustrated on the graph and the cycle’s elapsed time is visually indicated by color change.
    • Sky is the Limit – Unlimited choices of heating, cooling stages and holding durations provide a host of programming capabilities. The furnace is universally compatible to a wide variety zirconia.
    • Connectivity – The furnace can be remotely monitored and operated from PC, smartphone and tablets. Connectivity via Wifi (logo) links to our platform for connecting with devices for online operation and monitoring of the furnace. This connectivity also provides service applications such as online upgrades of software versions, program downloads and system diagnostics.
    • VIA inside – VIA is a bridge to a simple sintering option. This programming methodology was designed to assist the operator of the furnace by recommending the most adequate sintering program.


    • The Fast cycle

    Fast cycles for maximum efficiency in minimum time.

    SINTRA PRO/90zr tested and validated fast* 90 minutes with specific ZrO2 materials.

    SINTRA PRO/120zrf is designed to deliver an Ultra-fast* cycle by 30%.

    *Subject to the material being sintered, the sintering time can be relatively shortened.

    • The degassing

    Degassing feature, a Shenpaz unique design provides a proven protective function of the muffle. The degassing process is important in extending the life cycle of the muffle and to assure high repeatability and quality of the sintering process.

    • The capacity

    SINTRA PRO/90zr & SINTRA PRO/120zrf are supplied with one sintering tray.

    SINTRA PRO/90zr capacity from 30 units per tray to 90 units in 3 stackable trays.

    SINTRA PRO/120zrf capacity from 40 units per tray to 120 units in 3 stackable trays and full discs of 98mm.

    The design of the muffle and tray permit the stacking up to 3 tiers.

    Additional stackable trays are available.

    • The Recovery

    In the event of electrical failure, the furnace will automatically fully recover.

    Technical Data

      SINTRA PRO/90zr SINTRA PRO/120zrf
    Max. temperature 1800°C 1800°C
    Max. Sintering temperature 1650°C 1650°C
    Temperature ramp* 1 to 70C 1 to 70C
    Programmable steps unlimited unlimited
    Number of programs unlimited unlimited
    Acoustic signal
    Weight (kg) 67 Kg 68 Kg
    Width x Height x Depth (cm) 45 X 75 X 45 45 X 75 X 45
    Net port connection * *
    Power consumption 1.5 kW 2.0 kW
    Cylindrical sintering chamber net dimensions Ø 90mm X 100mm Ø 120mm X 100mm
    Power availability:    
    115v 50/60Hz230v 50/60Hz ** *
    1-year warranty * *
    USB * *
    Maximum capacity 90 120
    Sintering Table standard modular

    * Depending on the temperature in the sintering chamber

    Safety information SINTRA PRO series comply to the following standards:
      IEC 61010-1-2001EN 61010-1-2001


    ANSI/UL 61010-1-2008

    CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1-2004

    IEC 61010-2-010-2003

    CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-2010-2004

    Radio protection / electromagnetic compatibility EMC tested



    Delivery Content

    • 1 furnace unit
    • 1 power cable
    • 1 firing table
    • 1 sintering crucible
    • 1 sintering crucible top
    • 1 pair of tweezers
    • 1 USB: user manual
    • 1 lift key
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