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Since it is being changed to digital implant surgery with using 3D printing technology from analogue, 3D printed surgical guide makes an implant surgery with more accuracy and faster. It makes much more successful surgery cases then analogue type of implant surgery. S-Plastic SG-100 is the perfect material to produce a surgical guide for the digital dental filed.

Surgical Guide SG-100

SKU: 1881202574
  • Property and Advantage

    S-Plastic SG-100 is the material for producing a surgical guide which is fully reached the material required for the dental application such as strength and material safety. It doesn’t make any torsion and shrinkage with drilling during implant surgery and it is also high heat resistance material (HDT 130℃) and can be heat-sterilized. Therefore, it can avoid any infection from implant surgery.

    S-Plastic SG-100 is bio-compatible and Hypo-allergenic material that acquired KFDA and CE medical device certification.

    Color: Clear

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