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Essential Dental Lab Scanner


EDGE HD is an essential dental lab scanner with its unique design and powerful performance. With fast scan speed and reliability, it is just as good as any other premium dental lab scanner in the market.

DOF Edge HD 3D Scanner

מק"ט: 1239199694
29,500.00 ₪מחיר
  • Everything is Possible

    Create all cases from a single crown to a long-span bridge. With the technology of the premium dental lab scanner at a reasonable price, EDGE HD easily scans prostheses in difficult cases to provide precise data.

    EDGE HD acquires all essential information accurately and quickly. It also maximizes work efficiency with delicate technologies that consider users’ convenience like automatic brightness adjustment and power-saving function.

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    Scan data produced by 2.0-megapixel dual cameras.

    Scan Process

    Circular motion scanner arm

    Scan Result

    Quick and easy to get scan data

    Articulator Direct

    The occlusal relationship can be reproduced as it is by scanning the mounted condition. A simple hinge articulator, which is commonly used in clinical practice, can also be used, thus, increasing work efficiency.

    Impression Scan

    Scanning narrow and deep impressions are possible and both sides of the impression data are automatically matched with the unique scan target technology.

    Transfer Plate Scan

    Adjustable articulators, Artex, KaVo, SAM, Bio-Art, and Denar, can be used for precise prosthesis production, and optional transfer plates are available to reproduce the occlusal relationship in clinical conditions.

    All-in-One Scan

    Scan an upper jaw, and a lower jaw, and dies all at once.
    Save your work time by half.

    Basic Accessories

    1. Base Plates (2qty)
    2. Multi-Die Plate (1qty)
    3. Calibration Plate (1qty)
    4. Gum Plates (2qty)
    5. Screw Jig Plate (1qty)
    6. Articulator Plate (1qty)

    Anyone can use it easily.


    • Scanning Method : Model Swing System
    • Camera : 2.0 MP
    • Dimensions : 395mm x 275mm x 400mm (W x H x D)
    • Weight : 13kg
    • Light Source : White light LED
    • Technology : Structured light
    • Output Format : STL, OBJ, OFF
    • Power : 100-240V(AC), 50-60 Hz
    • O/S : Windows 10 (64bit)
    • Accuracy : 7μm (The scanning accuracy may vary depending on the working environment or your model)


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