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Our Team on Exhibition 2019


LUX Dental Supply specializes in raw materials and equipment for CNC dental engraving systems. We are a company that believes in quality first, and our materials are carefully selected by our dental technician consulter who has over 40 years of experience in the field.

At LUX we work with carefully selected products that meet international quality standards confirmed by FDA, CE, ISO, and the Health Ministry of Israel.

Our company was established in 2013 by an experienced team of dental technicians and experienced CAD/CAM technicians to provide laboratory services to doctors and dental laboratories.

LUX Dental aims to lead the field in the supply of CAD-CAM engraving systems, the world’s most advanced digital dental software. Our motto is “simple is the best” and our goal is to provide quality service, professionalism, fast delivery, integration, and ensure maximum comfort for our customers – all under one roof.

6 Reasons to Choose us

Experienced professionals

We are a team of experienced technicians who are ready to share our experience and help you on the path to creating a high-tech dental laboratory, choosing materials, and training in the use of equipment and software.

Full technical support

We work with people who are ready to become part of the Lux family, ready to support and accompany our customers with full dedication, professionalism, and goodwill.

Premium quality materials

We select only the best materials for our customers. Technicians with many years of experience test them in our laboratory before they are made available for sale.

100% open systems

We are for open and healthy competition. Our customers are not limited in choosing the best materials and equipment. All the systems that we choose are as open as possible for the use of materials from different companies without loss of warranty on the equipment.

High quality equipment

We search with particular care to select the best and latest developments in the field of dental cad-cams for you. We personally meet with manufacturers to provide our customers with the optimal solution for dental laboratories and clinics.

Lots of positive reviews

We are proud to note that many of our customers who work with us walk out satisfied. We value our reputation, honesty, and openly conduct our business to help new technologies enter your business.


My name is Svyatoslav Tzvika Zvulun

As a dental technician, I understand from within the primary needs and challenges that technical laboratories face in providing services, trying to keep up with the latest innovations in technical dentistry, and the ability to withstand the pressure of large monopolies in the modernization of the dental business.

I believe in simple solutions along this path, in open and even business methods that do not limit your freedom in choosing suppliers of materials and equipment. I believe in quality and mutual professional cooperation, which in my opinion should not be complicated artificially. That is why we follow our motto: SIMPLE IS THE BEST! With us, you can SIMPLY and in the BEST way enter the world of the latest innovations in the field of dental dentistry, and move forward on this path with our professional support.

Svitoslav Tzvika Zvulun photo

Materials & Equipment

We offer our clients a CAD/СAM solution for all stages of the provision of dental services: from the doctor’s office to the creation of a dental product in a dental laboratory.

If you want to upgrade your CAD/СAM equipment, or are completely unfamiliar with CAD/СAM capabilities, we have made sample packages suitable for your needs and budget to make your choice easier and more clear.

We offer equipment and materials for every step: from intraoral scanning to 3D printing and milling.

You receive not only the latest and most proven equipment on the market, but also additional technical support, repair, and the opportunity to purchase the best materials and parts tested in our laboratory.

You can undergo training in our laboratory and receive technical support remotely from our technical specialists by phone.

We work for you and offer you simple and modern methods to improve your business.


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