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Rodin® Sculpture 2.0 is a monumental evolution of our crown and bridge ceramic-nanohybrid designed to transcend the standards of permanent dental restorations. This next-generation resin achieves unparalleled levels of flexural strength and ceramic filler content, redefining what can be achieved through 3D printing restorations. Featuring a massive increase in ceramic filler content of over 60%. The resin’s exceptional Biaxial Strength clocks in at over 200 MPa, far above the strength of other permanent crown and bridge resins.



  • Permanent Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Implants
  • Inlays & Onlays


Rodin® Sculpture 2.0 Zirconia Nanohybrid 600g/Bottle

2,500.00 ₪מחיר
  • Benefits and Features

    • Exceptional Mechanical Strength: Rodin® Sculpture 2.0 offers superior resistance to wear and fracture sets new benchmarks in the ceramic-nanohybrid industry, providing patients with enduring long-term solutions.
    • Unmatched Aesthetics: With a choice of 16 Vita Classic shades and 2 additional bleach shades, clinicians gain unprecedented customization options to craft each restoration to perfection, matching the patient’s unique smile effortlessly.
    • ADA Approval for Permanent Restorations: Like its predecessor, Rodin® Sculpture 2.0 is predominantly ceramic-filled, making it eligible for 2023 ADA insurance code reimbursements, delivering substantial benefits to both practitioners and patients.
    • Superior Radiopacity: Dental clinicians will appreciate Rodin® Sculpture 2.0’s exceptional radiopacity, guaranteeing superior X-ray clarity. This feature facilitates precise fit checking of printed restorations, elevating diagnostic accuracy to new heights.
    • Elevated Aesthetics: For further aesthetic enhancements, Rodin® Sculpture 2.0 seamlessly pairs with acrylic-based light-curable stain and glaze systems, such as Rodin® Palette. This dynamic combination unlocks endless possibilities for fine-tuning the appearance of restorations.
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