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InSync® Layering Ceramic helps you to achieve unparalleled esthetics and perfect shade reproduction easier, faster, and more affordable.

  • Recommended for use on full contour and layered zirconia, and layered titanium.
  • Low shrinkage, low-fusing porcelain that is easy to handle
  • Translucency and fluorescence that mimic natural teeth
  • Match the VITA™ shade guide easily, every time



One layering ceramic for all your metal-free needs; zirconia, lithium disilicate, veneers, and titanium. Exceeding every esthetic expectation has never been easier, faster or more predictable.

InSync® Layering Ceramic

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  • Why InSync Ceramic?

    • Achieve incredible esthetic results with translucency, fluorescence, and opalescence that mimics natural dentition
    • Very stable color and value even after multiple firings
    • Dense, porosity-free surface that mimics tooth enamel
    • Accurate shade matching out of the bottle
    • Resists from lifting and tearing
    • Won’t slump or round off when fired repeatedly
    • Grinds like a natural tooth; not hard or brittle


    Optimized for Use with:

    • Imagine® Zirconia, 
    • Jensen XT Zirconia,  
    • 3M™  Lava™ Esthetic Fluorescent Full Contour Zirconia, 
    • 3M™ ESPE Lava™ Plus™ High Translucency Zirconia.
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