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The most intuitive and simple Dental CAM solution ever made

Millbox Dental CAM

12,500.00 ₪מחיר
  • MillBox is the dental CAM solution developed for milling any kind of restoration with any material.

    Equipped with a simple to follow user interface that is both innovative and appealing, MillBox simplifies the nesting and toolpath creation.

    An Interface specifically developed for immediate use, with exciting new features that allow you to work even faster.

    Specially designed for professionals who require simple and reliable tools. MillBox provides high performance in less time to get the work you want processed in a few simple steps.


    The interface, modern and guided by a logical flow

    makes it extremely simple and intuitive to create products automatically.

    The possibility to use touch-screen displays accelerates the learning path.


    MillBox does not have any kind of limitation.

    It is completely open and full of ready-to-use custom libraries (premilled, blanks, implant connections, etc.), as well as user-created ones.

    MillBox is able to work any type of object, is compatible with all types of machines and tools, also shaped ones, and is already integrated with additive technologies.


    Make the most of your milling machine!

    The simplicity of creating complex jobs with a minimum learning time and the optimization of production (short times, usable materials, quality obtained), allow the creation of high value artifacts in a short time.

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