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If you use the 3D printer in the dental field, manufacturing a dental model is the first thing you would try and universalize. Unlike existing impressions, you can save time and money by acquiring oral data with intraoral scanner and making a model with a printer. It skips the step where dental clinics have to provide patients’ oral status to dental labs. So, it simplifies the process, reduces errors, and you can finally reproduce accurate oral status.

Model S-Plastic S100M

600.00 ₪מחיר
  • S-Plastic S-100M simplifies the time and process of analog impression taking and makes the model more accurate and exact which is needed to manufacture prosthetics and orthodontic appliances.

    It also guarantees a favorable environment to operators. Thanks to its high dimensional stability and heat resistance (HDT 130℃), there is no shrinkage or distortion after the printout and it smells less and shows less deformation to diverse environment followed by the process.

    Gray and Beige are available in color. As it is similar to existing plaster cast and embodies familiar color to users, it’s easy to distinguish the shade of printed models and makes prosthetic production more convenient.

    Shade: Grey, Beige

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