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Say hello to the Redon Hybrid.
With dry or wet milling options, mill all materials at the highest quality in your dental lab.



We challenge imagination.


Perfect surfaces, fast results. Take your business performance to the next level with Redon Hybrid.



Redon Hybrid

199,000.00 ₪ מחיר רגיל
175,000.00 ₪מחיר מבצע
  • Materials Types: Zirconium, PMMA, Wax, Titanium, CoCr, Peek, Alumina, Composite, Fiber, Glass Ceramic

    In your power: 1.2 kW 

    Capacity: 12 Bur 

    Milling Option: Dry Wet 


    You should get to know it better

    Take a closer look at the results milled with ultra-precision, down to the last detail.


    High performance

    Strengthen your passion for precision in all indications, regardless of material.


    • Monoblock cast body structure.
    • Quick switching between dry and water-cutting systems.
    • Uninterrupted, fast, and precise with a high-performance spindle.


    5-Axis Simultaneous Milling Technology

    Hybrid has been designed for ultra-precise results. Perfect results with 5-axis milling technology.


    Ultra-fast and precise

    Achieve maximum efficiency with a 1μm precision tool measuring sensor, 12 tools for all operations, and tool fracture control.


    We are always there for you.

    We offer a 360° solution for all the materials you will need in open system CAM software and dental prosthesis production integrated with Redon.

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