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Lithium Disilicate Glass-Ceramic Blocks and Disks for Dental CAD/CAM System

Rosetta® SM, innovative CAD/CAM block product with reliable strength, stable properties, and high precision,supports you with a wide range of indications for aesthetic restorations through CAD/CAM technology.

Rosetta® SM

  • Stable strength & efficiency

    Effective workflow.
    Reliable results.

    The biaxial flexural strength of restorations made of Rosetta® SM after crystallization is 440 MPa.
    Meet reliable results through the high performance and workability of Rosetta® SM.


    Aesthetic Value

    Exquisite beauty confirmed.

    Rosetta® SM is the optimized material for milling process without risk of chipping to ensure the stability on every edge through the advanced technology of microcrystal structure developed by HASS.
    Also, Rosetta® SM of 98mm disk type represents the market-leading innovation.


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