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The New SINTRA CS - The new way of sintering zirconia. Less than 20 minutes.

Sintra CS is an innovative, small, and fast sintering furnace that sinters a crown in LESS THAN 20 MINUTES!

Shenpaz Sintra CS Dental Furnace

מק"ט: 1973147214
36,000.00 ₪מחיר

    The visuals
    It’s all about accessibility and intuitiveness. The full touch 7” LCD screen is user friendly with a superbly comfortable interface for easy programming.

    Interactive Graph Screen
    Multi-stage program is interactively illustrated on the graph and the cycle’s elapsed time is visually indicated by color change.
    Sky is the Limit – Unlimited choices of heating, cooling stages and holding durations provide a host of programming capabilities. The furnace is universally compatible to a wide variety zirconia.

    The furnace can be remotely monitored and operated from PC, smartphone and tablets. Connectivity via Wifi (logo) links to our platform for connecting with devices for online operation and monitoring of the furnace. This connectivity also provides service applications such as online upgrades of software versions, program downloads and system diagnostics.

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