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CAD design for labs

The leading OEM-branded dental CAD software: great for beginners and even more powerful in the hands of an expert.

Exocad Dental CAD

  • The powerful dental CAD software

    Our CAD software is known for its speedy operation and ease of use, helping you minimize training costs and maximize productivity. It is reliable and robust even when dealing with complex cases on a daily basis.

    The speed and flexibility of exocad DentalCAD was achieved through harnessing the latest research results in the area of organic modeling. For over seven years, our team of engineers has consistently delivered innovations for a rapidly evolving market.

    We listen to our customers and continue to integrate the latest insights, to ensure exocad users stay one step ahead of the curve.

    Why choose exocad?

    • Faster workflows, improved proficiency
    • Flexibility as you require it
    • Independent & innovative
    • It’s easy to use and to reach your high expectations
    • Reliability you can trust
    • Truly future-proof

    The possibilities grow with your experience

    Once you‘re familiar with the base functionality of our software, there‘s more to discover:

    • Work with pre-op models, and adapt your restorations to them
    • Copy previous designs or mirror healthy teeth
    • Load 2D images (captured by your webcam) during the design
    • Take advantage of our advanced mesh editing and matching features
    • Save real 3D PDF files to send out design previews that can be viewed in
    • 3D using a standard PDF viewer
    • Exchange large 3D data sets with dental share
    • And much more

    Already the standard version, exocad DentalCAD, covers a wide variety of indications

    • Anatomic crowns
    • Simple and anatomic copings
    • Bridge frameworks
    • Inlays, onlays
    • Waxup-based frameworks
    • Primary telescopes
    • Veneers
    • Waxup digital copy milling
    • Attachments
    • Post and Core

    It is easy to upgrade your exocad DentalCAD Standard Version according to your needs. Choose among many add-on modules for advanced indications.

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