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Graphy has created the world's first 3D printable permanent material for dental prosthetics such as Crown and Bridges in order to overcome the limitations of current 3d printer material which can be only used for temporary prosthetics. BR-23 can replace the existing dental material of zirconia, through its own research and development. BR-23, a dental material for permanent prosthetics, is undergoing actual clinical trials, and its effectiveness has already been proven in many clinical cases all over the world.

Preformed Crown & Bridge BR-23-5

2,250.00 ₪ מחיר רגיל
1,867.50 ₪מחיר מבצע
  • Tera Harz BR-23, the permanent dental prosthesis (crown and bridge) material, boasts the highest strength incomparable to other companies' prosthesis materials with 350Mpa in the Bi-axial Flexural Strength test (ISO 6872 standard). It is the latest 3D printable photopolymer permanent dental prosthetic material that can produce customized dental crowns and bridges for each patient to make an efficient treatment directed by a dentist.

    It is also bio-compatible material which being acquired CE, FDA medical device certification and it is already being used in prosthetic treatment.

    A dentist can make a one-day treatment by producing a dental permanent crowns and bridges and even inlay and only with BR-23 using a 3D printer easily.

    Unlike the zirconia method, which requires the use of a milling machine, the Tera Harz BR-23 dental prosthetic material is a method that directly 3D prints out dental crown and bridge with photopolymer material without any waste of material. It is a method that can dramatically improve the existing method in efficiency and productivity with minimal equipment investment.

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